Lyra Wind Farm

The proposed Lyra Wind Farm project is situated in the west of Ireland in Co. Mayo, approximately 7km southeast of Westport, and 2.2km southeast of Aghagower Village and 9.5km west of Ballintubber Village. The area under investigation is situated in the townlands of Cordarragh South, Corveagh Upper and Teevinish West. Much of the proposed turbine area is located at an elevation of between 100m and 200m above sea level.

As an operating wind farm occupies a relatively small portion of an overall site area, approximately 4 % footprint, many of the existing land uses can co- exist such as commercial forestry, farming, recreation, and biodiversity management.

The area circled in RED represents an area of approximately 1500 acres which is under investigation for the location for the Lyra Wind Farm.

Project location

Project Description

At this stage of development, Lyra Wind Farm project has a potential capacity of up to 100 MW of clean renewable power. Until investigative surveys and environmental assessments are complete this figure is an indicative capacity amount.

The wind turbine area is free from any Special Area of Conservation, Special Protection Areas and Natural Heritage Areas. Discussions are ongoing with private landowners and stakeholders located within the townlands while land agreements have already been secured with several private landowners.

The wind turbine model for this project has not yet been decided but early indications suggest turbines with a 180m to 200m tip height with each having an individual power output of between 5 and 6 MW.

Furthermore, the wind farm will likely connect to the Irish grid network at Westport. It is expected the connection will be through an underground cable running along a public road route. Different route selections are currently under consideration.

Current Status

A meteorological mast has been installed recently to monitor wind speed and direction while also recording meteorological conditions on site. The meteorological mast is a 65m pole like structure with associated instruments attached and will remain on site for a minimum of 15 months. The meteorological mast is located within the townland of Corveagh Upper.

Multiple survey works have already begun over the past number of months with ornithological surveys underway since March 2021.